Evolution of Romance Novels: Part 1

The Romantic era was pivotal in English literature from approximately 1785 to 1830. During this time, Romantics like Emily Dickinson, William Blake, Jane Austen, Robert Burns, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, and Ann Radcliffe created poetry and prose focused on individualism, emotion, and imagination. This was in clear contrast with the intellectual neoclassical movement that came before it. They blew in with the wind with their thick murmuring torrent of influential voices that chorused and crashed while they simultaneously sought and struggled. It was a cultural set of kindred movements that explored the self and personal relationships with nature and other individuals. They escaped traditional norms, connected with the wilds of nature, and allowed this exposure to fuel their curiosities. Prose writers and poets used landscapes, living beings, feelings, and anything to do with nature to connect with their surroundings. Their primary interest was linking words and language as naturally as water flowed…

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