Meet the Editor
Michelle Naragon

Welcome authors and book lovers. Michelle strives to help her clients polish their manuscripts to produce magnificent works of fiction by offering freelance author services for traditional and indie authors. She’s also a multi-genre editor with Coffee House Writers. She earned a dual MA in English & Creative Writing specializing in fiction genres.

Michelle has experience with story creation and multiple styles of editing that can help you create authors to cultivate and professionally polish their stories from big the big picture, how the story flows and unfurls, and how characters drive the story forward.

Michelle welcomes authors from the following genres:

  • Gothic Fiction (including all subgenres)
  • Paranormal & Urban Fantasy
  • Romance genres (including all subgenres, heat levels with MF, some RH)
  • Thriller genres (including all subgenres)
  • Women Slueths
  • Women’s Fiction (plus paranormal [PWF] & military [MWF])

When she’s not editing or reviewing she’s busy writing multi-genre fiction stories and working on her debut novel under a pseudonym. Michelle also enjoys painting, diving into research for her stories, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.